Discord Account: https://login.cerberus-gaming.com


We have a private WoW Server running patch 3.3.5a, This is a version of WotLK.


If you would like to join us you need to:

  1. Acquire a copy of the 3.3.5a client.
    1. You can torrent the client with this magnet.
  2. Extract Anywhere
  3. Update the realmslist file.
    1. Open Data>enUS>realmlist.wtf with a text editor and replace its contents
      set realmlist wow.cerberus-gaming.com
  4.  Set a password for the WoW server.  This is found under your account tab when logged into the Cerberus Gaming website.
  5. Login Using your CG username NOT your email address and the password you set in the wow account tab.


You can check out or WoW forums here.