Discord Account: https://login.cerberus-gaming.com

Cerberus Gaming is a gaming community that strives to create a fun environment to play games with others.


Our Goals and Values:

  • An environment that anyone can join freely and interact with our community.
  • A place where members are free from targeted harassment, if there is an issue with an individual that is not reconcilable we will just ask them to leave.
  • A place of guaranteed free speech, we only ask you to be open to hearing things that others may say even if it makes you uncomfortable.
  • A place where a group of people regardless of skill in a game can join and have fun with others.
  • An open environment where community members are willing to teach noobs how to play.
  • Encouraged to expand and bring your friends to play within our community and grow a longer list of people who you know that you can jump in and participate in an activity and have a good time, even if it’s the first time you have ever interacted with them.